At EMS we offer a range of suspended ceilings.
Not only do suspended ceilings provide an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your business, they also offer a range of other benefits too.

It will not only make your business look fresher, it also conceals unsightly features like cabling, pipes and ductwork. And the benefits don’t stop there – suspended, or second ceilings, also provide an effective sound barrier between floors, including reducing echoes and it will also help retain heat to your building and keep heating bills down.

Widely used in office buildings, schools and hospitals across the UK, and even some homes, these second ceilings are very simple and more cost-effective to install than permanent ceilings. And, as well as being able to install lighting fixtures into the ceilings to help improve lighting on your ground floor, they are also ideal locations to install air conditioning units too.

EMS offers full fire protection on its suspended ceilings which adhere to all Building Regulations.

As with all EMS products, our suspended ceilings are supplied with full on-site design consultation which is followed by CAD design with ongoing project management and the on-site installation if required.

Mathew Oliver
Managing Director

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Release the potential of the space around you

Easy to customize with features such as fire-resistant tiles, it’s important that your suspended ceiling (also called a drop ceiling) is tailor-made to suit the building shell itself and existing space.

Above all, you can be confident European Mezzanine Systems will meet your needs and find the right solution for you on time and on budget.