If you don’t have a huge budget but you desperately need to make better use of your existing space to give your business that much needed capacity boost, then an EMS retail mezzanine flooring solution is the answer.

And that’s because you can potentially double your work space – if not more – for a one-off charge swiftly, easily and efficiently.

Without the need to move location and incur extra business costs, like much higher rents, you can maximise wasted space at your existing location.

Designed to fit in with your current building structure and operation, our retail mezzanine flooring solutions can be either single storey to sit at a level between your business’s existing floor and ceiling, or multi-tiered.
This very versatile system can easily be adapted to your bespoke requirements both on time and on budget.

EMS will work with you on a one-to-one basis to achieve your firm’s goal and can install the retail mezzanine flooring with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation.
Whether your company operates from a large or small base, we can create a bespoke solution that gives you that extra storage space to allow you to stock more product – and meet orders swiftly and without delay – or expand your retail sales area.

The deployment of mezzanine floors in the retail sector has grown rapidly as retailers look to utilise the wasted space above their heads and transform it into valuable floor space.

So whether you are looking to create additional retail areas or storage space, we can advise on the best design that will help you to achieve your aim.

Mathew Oliver
Managing Director

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Creating space and increasing productivity

EMS provides a full package from start to finish for your mezzanine floor, which can also add value to your property.

This includes a professional on-site survey, CAD drawings and Building Regulations approval, as well as project management of the on-site installation of the mezzanine floors so you don’t have to worry about anything.

All EMS mezzanine floors are designed and constructed to your agreed and bespoke specification to best fit within your existing building structure and your goals.

EMS also offers a wide variety of decking materials to sit on top of the steel joists, beams and upright columns, including wood.

We can also provide a range of balustrades and handrails to fit in with your brand’s theme or logo and your customer base, whether it’s high street or high brow.

Please see the our section on mezzanine floors for more information on these features.

And with retail mezzanine flooring if, in the future, you decide to change location then the system can be dismantled and moved to your new premises.
So it’s a win-win situation.