Now recognised as a quick, efficient and proven way to maximize your existing business space and increase square footage, European Mezzanine Systems (EMS) will design, manufacturer and then install your bespoke mezzanine floor with minimal disruption to your firm’s day to day activities.

Frequently used in industrial operations where facilities have high ceilings to swiftly and safely convert wasted space, mezzanine floors create an intermediate floor between your firm’s existing floor and ceiling.

With a wealth of experience in the industry from creating small single level platforms to multi-tier mezzanine floors, supplying high profile firms like Rolls Royce and Argos through its partnership companies, EMS will provide a five star comprehensive service.

Following a professional on-site survey from the team, EMS will provide CAD drawings, obtain Building Regulations approval for the project and manage the on-site installation, so that you don’t need to get involved in the nitty gritty of mezzanine floors.

All you need to do is tell us what you need, what your budget is, and obviously approve a design which we guarantee will optimize all that wasted space to help you create extra storage, retail or office space your business requires without you having to move

Mezzanine floor solutions are guaranteed to increase the capacity of your business so it’s crucial to get it right.

Our simplest mezzanine floors are installed into factory units to increase space, while more complex installations range from multi-tiered floors for the self-storage industry to the retail industry where the layout below the new mezzanine floor is critical to the store’s layout. So whatever it is that you need we can design and provide it for you.

Mathew Oliver
Managing Director

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Creating space and increasing productivity

Our mezzanine floor designs take into consideration the practicality and the economics of design, to ensure your mezzanine floor optimizes the space you already have in the best possible way. And if you ever do outgrow your existing space, even with the addition of our mezzanine floors, you even have the added peace of mind that our systems can be dismantled and moved to be used in your new premises.

So it really is a win-win scenario across the board.

Mezzanine flooring systems are constructed using a series of steel columns, horizontal and vertical, with wood or steel decking placed on top to create the new mezzanine floor surface. All our systems can be finished in any desired colour to reflect your corporate identity, and we have a range of staircases, pallet gates, balustrades and handrails to complete the look.