Shropshire –  The design for the mezzanine floor was looked at and it was agreed that is should be fit for purpose, while being accessible for deliveries, and to store products for the production team. EMS was involved in the final design and went ahead with the manufacture of the 201 square metre floor at their Wolverhampton fabrication works, and installation of the mezzanine floor with their own team. This included a staircase complete with double mid-landing.

EMS are delighted to use this installation in Shropshire as one of their case studies and the agent is now going ahead with the fitting out of the rest of the building, and will be finishing the project in early 2015 with fire protection cladding to the mezzanine floor. It proves you can go up and around to save time and money… a great L-shaped Mezzanine Floor was the end result.