CAT Ladders

When installing your mezzanine floor EMS can also design and supply a CAT ladder.

Fitted to the floor, CAT ladders provide an access point to a higher level that’s safe and easy to use.

CAT ladders – a steel ladder within a semi circle steel cage – are beneficial for a range of different environments where a staircase is not appropriate or suitable.

Often used in factories and warehouses, the experienced team at EMS can design the CAT ladder to fit in with the bespoke requirements of your floor – while ensuring that all safety and Building Regulations are met.

Glass Handrails / Balustrades

Here at EMS we can give the staircase between your mezzanine floor the extra wow factor by installing a glass and stainless steel balustrade. These glass balustrades with stainless steel handrails look stunning and also help add to the illusion of space.

Visually they create a high quality, aesthetically pleasing image for customers and also give the correct impression that your company believes that attention to detail is important in business – which of course is paramount.

Often installed in high quality circulation areas of business, like a conference room or office meeting space, as well as retail environments, like showrooms, they also add an extra safety feature too.

EMS can design and fit these balustrades which are the perfect complement to giving that extra high class touch to your staircase.
All our toughened glass balustrades meet required safety standards.

Mezzanine floor solutions are guaranteed to increase the capacity of your business so it’s crucial to get it right.

Our simplest mezzanine floors are installed into factory units to increase space, while more complex installations range from multi-tiered floors for the self-storage industry to the retail industry where the layout below the new mezzanine floor is critical to the store’s layout. So whatever it is that you need we can design and provide it for you.

Mathew Oliver
Managing Director

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Bespoke manufactured mezzanine floors to the trade

Pallet Gates

At EMS we offer a range of standard and non-standard pallet gates which can be easily incorporated into your mezzanine floor structure.

We can even create a bespoke gate that’s unique to your business alone.

An important safety tool – experts say they have played a key part in helping to improve safety standards in factories and warehouses – installing a pallet gate will deliver a wealth of benefits to your business.

For a low cost you can instantly speed up stock replenishment and rotation.

This is because the gates enable you to move pallets up and down between the floors easily as well as improving overall access to your business for your employees.
Created using hi-tech computer software, you can be assured that our pallet gates meet required safety standards and will be the perfect fit for your needs as a business.

EMS Production director Darren Elliott said: “Pallet gates are the safest and most ideal solution for companies who require pallet loading.
“These gates are ideal for mezzanine floor solutions where pallets are often distributed to various levels.”